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Bluetooth Mac Compatible Keyboard

  • WKB-801 Full Size Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard


    110/ 111 keys (US/EU)

    Scissor-type key switch mechanism makes good touch feeling

    Low profile and full size design

    Bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology

    High reliable membrane contact technology

    Key Numbers 110/ 111 keys (US/ EU layout)
    Scissor-type Key Switch
    Tx Technology
    Buetooth wireless technology, 3.0V
    Antenna/ Antenna Gain
    Chip antenna/ -5 dBi (Typ)
    Frequency/ Channels
    2.402Ghz ~ 2.480Ghz/ 79 channels
    GFSK (differntial phase shift keying)
    Output Power
    Normal mode (GFSK): -0.61 dBm
    Data Rate/ Sensitivity
    Up to 2.1Mbps/ <0.1% BER at -70dBm
    Operating Range
    Up to 8M (open field)
    Key Switch
    Scissor-type switch with rubber dome
    LED Indicator 1 LED indicates pairing (blinking), CapLock, and low battery
    Function Keys for Mac
    F1 less brightness, F2 increase brightness, F3, Expose, F4 dashboard
    Function Keys for iPhone or iPad
    F5 home screen, F6 sleep/wake,F15 past, eject on-screen keyboard
    Switch/ Buttons 1 x power switch, 1 x pairing button
    Input Power/ Batteries 3.0VDC, 100mA/ 2 x AA Alkalline batteries
    Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50 degree celsius (10%~95% RH, 25 degree celsius)
    Storage Temperature
    -10 ~ 65 degress Celsius (5%~ 90% RH, 25 degree celsius)
    Dimension/ Weight 434.2 (L) x 115.3 (W) x 23.5 (H)mm/ 0.6 kgs (NW), 0.8kgs (GW)
    Compatible with Mac OS 10.5.8 or later version, iPad, iPhone 3Gs/4, other MID with Android OS
    Accessories 2 x AA batteries, user's manual, high quality silicon protector (option)


    Data Sheet (PDF Format)